I could lay here and stare at him all night. The moonlight shining on his tattoos as he stands there looking out of my bedroom window.

But the reality quickly sets in and my heart drops. He got what he came here for and now he probably won’t be back here anymore

He sees the worry on my face.

I shake it off. Can’t ruin the night with silly things. No one ever promised forever.

So I’ll enjoy our time together. And I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

These moments together may be temporary but the memories will last forever.

Love me

Love me in the early mornings with my hair frizzy in a mess.

Love me in the late evenings as I lay to rest.

Love me on the regular days when everything’s the same.

Love me in the chaotic moments when I’m not feeling sane.

Love me now and love me then.

Love me until the end.

Zodiac Girl

I’m a Pisces woman I transform my emotions into poems.

I’m flowing through this life of waves.

Surfing the tides of emotions.

The cards tell me to leave when I wanna stay

I’m looking to the moon for answers.

The stars told me the truth a long time ago

But my head stays in the clouds. I don’t wanna look down.

Life of Flowers

Beauty requires death. Things need to die away to make space for new fresh growth of life.

Relationships wilt away petal by petal.

Soon after every shred of the old falls away a new flower will bloom.

Such as our first encounters in life everything starts out fresh and beautiful. Fills your life with new energy and vibrant colors.

The cycle continues. New flower blooms then wilts away. Things come and go. Every ending bringing new opportunities.

The most important priority in this never ending cycle of life is focusing on supporting the new growth.

Remember to water your roots. Keep your foundation, your soil strong.

New blooms will always come from a solid, cared for soil.

Creating Reality

I imagined this before I was here. All of it. The home, the travels. As I was driving through the city I would imagine driving down these new streets before I ever actually did it. I envisioned the trees around me and the roads ahead of me.

I imagined living this new life while still living my old life. I dreamed that one day this would all be true.

I wrote it down. I believed it without ever fully understanding how I could really achieve it.

I believed it even with the doubts and the worries

Now here I am. It all came true.

I can see you

I can see you drowning. You are there fighting the ocean to survive. Each wave knocking you farther down each time. The ruthless ocean is winning. Your tired and ready to give up and let the deep blue water consume you into its depths. I hear your call for help.

I can see you. You are Trying to survive the endless attack of the ocean. You have rode wave after wave. Every time you think you can catch a breath until another wave comes down on you. Your looking for help.

I can see you. I hear you. I’m here, in the same ocean as you. The same waves crashing over me. I don’t want you to drown my friend.

I can see you, but a life boat I do not have. No lifesaver is here with me. Our only choices here in this ocean is to sink or swim. I encourage you to swim my friend. Your only option for survival is yourself.

Swim with me friend. For one day we will reach land. And our souls will then rest upon the shore.

Not her

They don’t see me

They see the many tattoos on my body. The art that is across my skin tells them who I am. The pictures I have chosen gives them clues on who Is on the inside.

They see my skin tone, eye color and hair color. These particular attributes give them clues of my culture. They think they know my likes and dislikes based on these clues.

They see the clothes on my body. They believe they know my personality from what I choose to dress my self in. My sexuality and personality is judged on the articles of clothes I cover my self in.

Assumptions are made based on the outer appearances. But they don’t see me.

I am more then this top layer they all see at first glance. To truly see me takes effort and care.

I am more.